Is this blog active? The latest post seems to be a month old.

No, this blog is no longer active. But I’ll continue making some gifs on my main blog!



Let’s be positive, spread the love~! 

This blog is dedicated to all the hetalians out there, whether they’re ask blogs, to roleplay blogs or even just fans of hetalia!

Everday is a new day, so why not start it out with something nice and positive in our fandom?

Got something to say about the fandom? 
Come out and say what you’d like!   

Got something to say about a blogger or a fellow fan, then let’s do a shoutout!  

Let’s give back to out hetalian community and give them something nice to see! 

Sorry if this is annoying, but could you guys spread the word about Positivetalia?

It would help spread the love for hetalia and hetalians to others!

Plus… with the recent drama, I think many hetalians need this. 

Please feel free to submit something, or suggest songs (or changes to songs I already have on the music player), or suggest accounts that should be shouted out! 

Do you have to pay for the English dub on Funimation?

I think you need a membership (which costs money) to view the english dub, but you can always find other nice websites that stream it!

have you heard of boku no pico? its reaaaally creepy.

i know youre not going to post here anymore, and im okay with that, but can you not delete the blog? thank uwu


I’m not going to delete the blog. I’m just going to leave it up here c:

Thank you

Hello all!

I’m really sorry to do this, but I’m deciding to close down this blog. I had a lot of fun with you all with all of you cool people and making GIFS, but I’m afraid I no longer have time to manage this blog. I’m sorry about the abrupt hiatus.

I’m really glad a lot of people enjoyed this blog! I also made a lot of friends with this blog too, and I’m really happy about that. Thank you all. I hope you all had a lot of fun with this blog. I’m not closing it down so people can scroll through it for gifs.

Thank you, it’s been really awesome knowing you all and making my experience awesome!

Once again, thank you.  :)


I apoligize for being extremely inactive. I dont really feel motivated to run this blog as much as I did before. I will try to start up this blog again sometime this or next week.
Also, I sort of want ro clean up this blog (deleting gifs that I did not give credit for like a loooooong time ago + badly made gifs that I may remake again and etc)
Im really sorry about being inactive here. Thanks!

Happy FREEDOM day everyone!

woohoo! hetalia-gifs turned one on june 28th!! thanks for being awesome!!


Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Buon San Valentino - Last Part (SUB)

In which the first extra episode is carried on, and Germany takes Italy out for dinner, and he has a bit of trouble storing information.

Download here:

Translation pieced together from the original strip. Note that due to this, parts not on the strip originally may be completely wrong, and I take full responsibility for that.

Please do not repost anywhere else without asking me first. :D Then you can.


Hetalia s5 - ep. 20 

Last Episode for s5


Original gifset: ***

whoops sorry i kind of forgot about this blog and all of the requests :(

I’ll try to get to them when the finals and stuff are over! ;A;


Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Extra Episode - Buon San Valentino pt 1 (Subbed)

In which the Gerita fans went insane and Germany goes through inner turmoil.

Translation pieced together from the original strip.


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